What is a server?

server is a running instance of an application (Software) capable of accepting requests from the client and giving responses accordingly. Servers can run on any computer including dedicated computers, which individually are also often referred to as "the server"[citation needed]. In many cases, a computer can provide several services and have several servers running. The advantage of running servers on a dedicated computer is security. For this reason most of the servers are daemon processes and designed by the designers in such a way that they can be run on specific computer(s).

Servers operate within a client-server architecture. Servers are computer programs running to serve the requests of other programs, the clients. Thus, the server performs some tasks on behalf of clients. The clients typically connect to the server through the network but may run on the same computer. In the context of Internet Protocol (IP) networking, a server is a program that operates as a socket listener.

Servers often provide essential services across a network, either to private users inside a large organization or to public users via the Internet. Typical computing servers are database serverfile servermail serverprint serverweb server,gaming server, and application server.

Numerous systems use this client server networking model including Web sites and email services. An alternative model,peer-to-peer networking enables all computers to act as either a server or client as needed.

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